5 Star Service

5 Star Service Explained

Five Star Service means exactly that!  We'll look after you and your goods in a 5 Star way.

  • Your goods in your home, unpacked, set up and ready to use!
  • VIP Customer Status - get a really decent discount on your next purchase with us.
  • Equipment won’t work?  We’ll take it to get fixed then when it is done, we will drop it back, and set it up.
  • Free Loaner – use ours while yours is getting fixed
  • Rescue Phone - We’ll provide to you a mobile phone for you to use while yours is getting fixed and you get to keep it.
  • Moving house?  We’ll move your goods for you and set them up at the other end. One less hassle for you!
  • Fridge or freezer stopped working?  We’ll give you a $200 grocery voucher to replace your fridge contents

Sweet as, it’s sorted!



Product Features


Delivery & Installation* 

We'll arrange delivery and installation of the goods by someone who knows how to do it!  This service includes:

  • Unwrapping the goods
  • Setting up the goods (you must have appropriate connections to all relevant services)
  • Showing you how it all works


VIP Status*

Nothing feels better than being a VIP!  To show you how much our VIP’s mean to us, you will earn:

  • a sweet discount up to 15% on your next purchase from us
  • a $100 voucher when you refer a friend and they finance something from us


Breakdown Collection and Redelivery Service* 

Oh no, it won’t go?  Don’t worry.  We’ll come and pick up your goods and deliver it back to you when it’s fixed.  Of course, our clever man will be back to reinstall! 


Loan Equipment*

Sitting on the couch staring at an empty wall? Don’t worry – we’ll loan you our TV to watch!  If your washing machine, stereo, fridge, mower, television or computer is not working, we’ll loan you one to use while yours is being fixed.


Replacement Phone*
We’ll provide to you a mobile phone for you to use while yours is getting fixed and you get to keep it.


Replace your Food *

We’ll replace the contents of your fridge or freezer if it breaks down and stops working – grab our $200 voucher and go shopping!


Protect your electronics*

Don’t risk that expensive TV blowing up from an electrical power surge. We give you a surge guard for your electronic items – now that’s peace of mind!


Relocate your goods*

If you are moving house, our clever guys will move your goods to your new place, and reinstall them ready for you to keep enjoying.  One less hassle for you on moving day!



*Terms and Conditions Apply – ask in store for a full copy


Five Star Service Agreement


Your rights as a customer

Your rights and remedies under Five Star Service are in addition to your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA). Under the CGA, Your Product must:

• be durable for as long as most people would expect that kind of Product to last

• be fit for its purpose – do all the normal things that people would expect that kind of Product to do

• be free of minor and major faults

• do what you are told it does including anything you are told about the Product and anything written on the box or in advertising material

• arrive on time (if it is delivered) and be in good condition.


If You think Your Product does not comply with the above guarantees and You experience a problem with the Product, you may be entitled to a remedy under the CGA.

All of the Five Star Service benefits are new and more than you are entitled to under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


Your right to cancel Your Five Star Service

We understand that all customer needs are different. If within 7 days of the date of purchase, You decide for any reason whatsoever that Five Star Service does not suit Your needs, You may cancel Your Five Star Service warranty by going in store for a credit or providing notice to Us using the contact details below. You may also cancel Your Five Star Service where We have failed to comply with Our disclosure obligations under the Fair Trading Act 1986. If You do decide to cancel, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price of Your Five Star Service.


Five Star Service is provided to you by Rent N Own Finance Limited. You can contact us:

Rent N Own Finance Limited

5/53 Cavendish Drive, Manukau City, Auckland 2241.

0800 29 29 39



The full terms and conditions of our Five Star Service are available in store – ask us for a copy .