What are your Fees & Charges?

It is very important that you fully understand the total costs of borrowing before you enter into any contract. To understand all of the fees and charges that you may be charged on your Rent n Own contract, just click on this link     or take a look at our “Fees, Contracts and Charges” page.


How can I get a look at your Hire Purchase contract?

Our standard contract (Rent N Own Agreement) includes three parts:

  • Initial Disclosure Document – this tells you how much you will pay over the length of the contract.

  • Specific Terms – this states the items that are to be covered  in the agreement, and includes your details, and

  • General Terms and Conditions – this booklet sets out all the legal terms and conditions that you will enter into.

To view these contract documents, just click on this link or take a look at our “Fees, Contracts and Charges” page.


What is your Monthly Administration Fee?

Our monthly administration fee is charged to your account every month for the contract term of the loan. The amount of the monthly account  fee,along with all of our other fees,  is listed on  our “Fees, Contracts and Charges” page, or click on this link.


What is Hire Purchase?

Rent N Own sells goods on Hire Purchase.  This is where a buyer pays for the goods in regular installments while enjoying the use of it. Ownership of the item passes to the buyer when the loan is fully repaid.


How long do I have to rent n own for?
We have a range of terms to suit any situation. Our standard terms are 26, 39 or 48 months, but if your needs are different we are happy to change the terms to suit you!


Are your appliances in good condition?
Too right they are! All of our appliances are quality brands and are in new excellent condition.


Can I Rent N Own from you if I am a beneficiary or on a pension?
Yes.  Many of our customers are beneficiaries and find hire purchasing a better option than renting because they own the goods at the end of the payments.


Is there a bond required?
Generally, there is a bond required, which works out to be approximately 5% of the loan amount, on standard contracts. We may request a different bond amount in some situations.


How do I make payments?
Payments are made by direct debit, usually weekly or fortnightly.


Can I get an appliance to fit the space in my house?
Yes, there are many different sized appliances. Just let us know the size of your space and we’ll get an appliance that fits.


Will you deliver my appliances?
Rent N' Own offers delivery and installation of all appliances. Someone will need to be home at the time arranged for delivery.


Can you take my old appliances away?
Yes. Let us know if you want your old appliances taken away or moved and for a small fee we can do it for you.


What happens if my appliance breaks down?
If the breakdown is due to a manufacturers fault, we will work with the manufacturer to arrange repair.  If the breakdown is caused by you we will arrange a repair quote and advise.


What happens if I move house?
Contact us to let us know your new address. If you are paying Five Star Service, we will arrange to collect your equipment and deliver it to your new home free of charge. We can also look at upgrading or changing your equipment at that time if your needs have changed.  If you are not taking our Five Star Service option, please contact us before your move and we will discuss the options.


5 Star Service Explained

Five Star Service means exactly that!  We'll look after you and your goods in a 5 Star way.

  • Your goods in your home, unpacked, set up and ready to use!
  • VIP Customer Status - get a really decent discount on your next purchase with us.
  • Equipment won’t work? We’ll take it to get fixed then when it is done, we will drop it back, and set it up.
  • Free Loaner – use ours while yours is getting fixed
  • Rescue Phone - We’ll provide to you a mobile phone for you to use while yours is getting fixed and you get to keep it.
  • Moving house? We’ll move your goods for you and set them up at the other end. One less hassle for you!
  • Fridge or freezer stopped working? We’ll give you a $200 grocery voucher to replace your fridge contents

Sweet as, it’s sorted!