Hyper Bike Spin - Premium

Featuring a massive 20kg chrome-plated balanced flywheel, a silenced chain-driven fixed wheel transmission, exceptionally sturdy construction, a classy design & quality finish - this spin bike will impress!

  • 6 stage on board computer
  • Racing Bike Seat
  • Silenced Chain Driven
  • Hand Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Adidas Essential Home Gym Station

Considering the variety of exercises that can be performed using the Essential Home Gym’s stations, it has a considerably compact footprint making it ideal for smaller home gym spaces.

  • Chest and Pec Fly Station
  • High & Low Pulleys
  • Leg station and bicep preacher curl station 
  • Dimensions: 1680mm(L) x 1010mm(W) x 2060mm(H)

Pro Runner Treadmill Standard

The pro runner standard treadmill delivers a quality, affordable and fun option for anyone looking to keep in shape with walking and jogging workouts.

  • Motorised incline (up to 12%)
  • Cushioned running deck, rated to 130kg
  • Speed range 1 - 16 km/h

Smiths IP Linear Machine

This is the ultimate package for those needing top performance!

  • Extra heavy duty steel tubing construction.
  • Linear bearing smith system provides smooth movement and feeling of commercial style product.
  • Solid Heavy Duty FID Utility Bench. (rated to 365Kg)
  • Solid Olympic lifting bar.
  • Built-in Heavy duty safety spotters.
  • Solid guide rods with hardened chrome.
  • Uprights feature a 7 degree pitch to accommodate the natural path of movement from the body.
  • Note: Weight Plates not included

Evolution Commercial Fluid Rower

Industry-best on-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance from feather light to Olympic rowing. Experience the sight, sound and feel of river rowing.

  • Variable Fluid Resistance with 16 levels. 
  • Patented twin tank design with stainless steel flywheel / impeller delivers perfect catch and consistent resistance throughout the entire stroke.
  • Best emulation of actual rowing with the sensory stimulation of the sight,sound and feel of being on the water.
  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port.
  • USB connectivity to WebRanking, Fluid-Coach, WebRacing and more.
  • Smooth action seat that shapes to the user, with textured finish to prevent slip.
  • Exceptional comfort assured.