The Legal Stuff


Important:  This is just a summary of the main points of our Terms & Conditions documents.  You must make sure you read and understand your contract documents before you sign them.


What are the Contract Documents?

There are three parts to a Rent N’ Own Agreement:

Initial Disclosure Document – this tells you how much you will pay over the length of the contract

Specific Terms – this states the items that are to be covered  in the agreement, and includes your details, and

General Terms and Conditions – this booklet sets out all the legal terms and conditions that you will enter into.


Make sure you understand it, as our contract is a legal document

You need to fully understand the entire agreement before you sign anything.  If there is anything you do not understand ask us.  If you still do not understand something you should seek legal advice.

When you sign the agreement you will be entering in to a loan contract for a specific term. You have to meet all the obligations and conditions stated in the agreement.  If you do not meet your obligations we may have to take remedial action. This remedial action is stated in full in the agreement, but includes late payment penalties and repossession.  The Agreement is not transferable to anyone else, and the items must be kept at the address you specify at the start of this agreement.  If you move house, you agree to tell us your new contact details prior to your move.


Who owns the goods?

You are entering into a rent to own arrangement , which allows you to use the goods while you are paying them off. 

Rent N’ Own will own the goods over the term of the contract, and you will become the owner  when you have paid all of the money owed.


What is the PPSR Registration Fee for?

We will register the goods on the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR).  This is an electronic ‘ownership’ register that shows  that we have a registered security interest (ownership) in these goods.  You may have already heard of this registration process used frequently with vehicle finance companies. This prevents you from selling the goods until you own them in full. When the goods are fully paid we discharge (undo)  this security interest.


Rent n Own Pricing shown includes:

Rent N Own pricing shown includes a monthly account fee of $3.25, a $65 establishment fee, and a $10 PPSR registration fee, but excludes our Liability Waiver Fee and our Five Star Service.

Liability Waiver is required by all customers unless satisfactory proof of household contents insurance is provided.

Rent N Own pricing  shown is based on a rent n own term of 112 weeks unless stated otherwise. Other terms are available on request.


Promotional Terms and Conditions

 Winter Freebies Promotion - Terms & Conditions

  • Not available with any other offer.
  • Freebie Promotional Offer expires 31st July 2017. 
  • Limit of one freebie per item and item. 
  • Pricing shown is the advertised price on Rent n Own Website at 13/06/17.
  • Items may differ from images shown.
  • Rent N Own reserves the right to change products offered, prices and descriptions due to error, supplier changes or product deletion without any notice to customers. 
  • Finance subject to Rent N Own credit criteria – ask us for details or check out our loan documentation, fees and charges at  .
  • Interest rate 29.5%pa.
  • Full disclosure of the proposed loan and our terms and conditions will be provided to you prior to entering into your loan contract.



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